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Friends purse!?!?!?!

I was at the mall today and I saw this girl with a Friends purse! Does anyone know where you can find one? It was so awesome. Do you have to order it offline or can you buy it in a store? I've never seen it anywhere before, I want it BAD! lol

<3 Alisa
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aaah i have one! which one is it? the one with the picture of the 6 of them holding the picture frame with the rhinestones?

i got it at a stand in the mall.. but they have tons of those and other purses on eBay

oooooh, I'm sooo jealous of you! And yup that's the one! I'll have to look around thanks!

- Alisa
I am getting mine from if ur interested
oooh i want one! hee hee. <3